A Good Creamy Ending

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Starring Tommy D, Sebastian
Video Description: Tommy is here to do one of his hot interviews today. Who is he interviewing? None other than the sexy and hung Sebastian.

Tommy runs through his set of personal questions that let us peer into the lifestyles of these young, sex driven men. When it's time to get to the good stuff, Tommy gets his buddy to strip for us.

Sebastian says he's straight, but is living out some of his fantasies on the set. That makes it all the more hotter, as you know that he has fantasized about these situations before, hoping one day that he'd get to taste a cock, take a strap-on up his ass, and stroke a guy until he cums all over the place.

Tommy joins in once Sebastian gets undressed, taking the large, worked out stud's cock into his mouth. It doesn't take long before Tommy gets his cock hard, sucking and deep throating Sebastian. Tommy services the cock for a bit, until he wants to see Sebastian stroke himself to completion. So the two take a seat next to each other and grip their cocks, stroking for the money shot. Sebastian pops first, covering his abs with a large load of freshly milked semen. Tommy gets off on this sight and starts spurting too, unloading his balls onto his chest and arms with his massive distance.


Tommy D XXX

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