A Nasty New Comer

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Starring Tommy D, Brec Boyd
Video Description: If you haven't had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on the 24 year old bombshell Brec Boyd, here's your chance! And of course this hot scene is hosted by your favorite, TommyD!

Tommy warms things up a bit by getting us familiar with Brec. He asks him a few questions about his sexuality and what motivated him to enter the adult entertainment world.

After the interview, it's time for the test drive! Tommy handles this by getting the new hunk naked and showing him how it feels to get a real blowjob, and even is able to convince Brec to try a cock in his mouth as well.

A very hot scene with a very hot new comer. Only on NextDoorEntertainment's TommyDxxx.com


Tommy D XXX

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