A.J. Irons & Taj Waters

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Video Description: It's always good to see new faces especially when these two studs meet for the first time. A.J. Irons is a stocky piece of sexy meat who loves to hit the waves and hang out at the beach all day looking for young hunks jogging. Taj Waters is a tall piece of art but at a nice young age of 23 and rocking a huge beefy cock which is around 8 inches. He loves to hang out at the beach as well and he also takes his skateboard to the streets.

Taj and A.J. are getting hot and heavy in the shower cleaning themselves up and making out intensely. You can watch the soap suds drip down these chiseled bodies as the light gleams off each ripped muscle. They both love to suck dick and switch it up in the shower but only A.J. wants to feel a huge throbbing cock in his ass.

Come and watch A.J. take this big dick in his tight little hole. He can barely withstand Taj's pulsating member. You have to listen to the moans from A.J. cause it sounds like he can't take it but he loves it anyways as he gets fucked hard and slow.



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