Adam & Mark

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Video Description: Adam has had this fantasy for a while. It had something to do with waking up to a masked man whose intention is to restrain, dominate and pound his ass. Well, we know of a masked man that likes to dominate hot, young men. His name is Mark. So we set everything up for Adam to have the sexual experience of his life.

While Adam was lounging on our couch, a masked man enters through an unlocked sliding door. The man sneaks over to Adam, and then quickly applies black handcuff to each of Adam's wrists, restraining him before he woke enough to fight back. The man then jumps on top of Adam, keeping his arms and legs from moving too much as he reaches down Adams underwear and starts stroking his cock. The man then starts sucking Adam, making our friend wonder if this was going to be a nightmare or a wet dream. Soon Adam would know this would be the best dream of his life.

The masked man yanks Adam's under wear off; getting up between his legs the man shoves his cock into Adam's ass, not taking it slowly. He pounds that ass for a bit, and then tells Adam to keep quite as he undoes the handcuffs.

With his hands now free, Adam stokes his own cock while the intruder has his way with Adam's hole. Thinking he better bust before he wakes, Adam strokes himself off, shooting his load onto his stomach.

When the masked man is ready to cum, he makes Adam take his warm fluid on his chest, moaning and shaking, the man's cock squirts stream after stream onto Adam....Then Adam wakes up, all alone, untouched on the couch.



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