Alex & Denny

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Starring Alex, Denny
Video Description: You might remember Denny from his solo on Next Door Male or his straight scene on Next Door Hookups. This scene is a little different.

When we first met Denny, he hinted to us that he had an unexplored bi side to him, but really wasn't into doing it on camera.

Well, now it's been a few months and he's a lot more comfortable with his sexuality, so we were able to find Alex, a similarly bi-curious guy from Brooklyn.

It's always a treat to see two guys in action, for their first time with another man. These two didn't let us down, they dive right into each others mouths, with some hot tongue sucking action. Alex moves down and stuffs his new buddies hardening cock into his mouth and gives it a good sucking. Denny decided he wanted to try to fuck Alex, so his friend got on all four, and Denny proceeded to pound that ass.

At the end, they're both covered in cum, and seemingly, ready for more. Pretty hot for first timers!


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