Good Morning!

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Video Description: Christian Wilde wakes up confused and disoriented on this warm summer morning. 'What happened last night??' he wonders, as he notices a very toned and tan young man lying next to him. 'uuhhh...Jameson, that's it! Justin Jameson. Gosh, did we fuck??' Christian tries to remember how he ended up in bed with such a hot, naked guy. He feels his dick getting hard as he admires Justin.

Christian decides to jerk off a little bit, and squeeze Justin's ass, just to see what happens. Sure enough, Christian's cock is in Justin's mouth before he can say 'Good Morning!' And Christian realizes they're not alone in the house when a blonde stranger named Andrew Blue comes in to investigate the sucking and moaning sounds. He discovers a perfect opportunity to eat and fuck a nice, tight asshole, and jumps right in. A great way to start the day!



Next Door Buddies

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