Angel B & Chris

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Video Description: We have one for you this week. A first time for both of the guys. Angel comes to us from Arizona, where he works as a fire sprinkler engineer. Fun job he says, but now he likes porn a little better.

Chris comes to us from sunny Laguna Beach, California, where we spotted him a few weeks ago trying to soak up some sun rays on the beach during one of the few sunny days SoCal had this month. Angel applied through our affiliated modeling agency, and we approached Chris at the beach, hoping he wouldn't flip out on us when we asked him about doing some gay porn. He didn't and was actually very eager and pleased that we had come up to him.

The only downfall of the whole thing was Chris just started taking a new prescription allergy medicine...which got rid of his allergies, but also got rid of his stamina. So even though Chris's big hog isn't rock hard, the scene is still hot and steamy, with all the right stuff.

So here they are, newbies Angel and Chris....Enjoy!


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