Anthony & Shane

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Categories Oral, Facial, Athletic
Video Description: These two college studs go together quite well. Anthony, being dominant during sex, loves having cum-hungry young guys service his cock. Shane on the other hand, gets cranky if he doesn't have his daily dosage of rod shoved down his throat.

These two, as they sit next to each other, starts rubbing themselves through their pants, teasing us as to what is waiting beneath. They undress, Shane revealing an already hard cock. Anthony can't wait to start fucking some hot mouth, so he motions Shane over to start working his pole. Smothering it with his tongue, Shane bobs his head up and down, while Anthony feeds his new friend eagerly. The action is good, but what's great is the money shot at the end. After fucking Shane's face for a moment, Anthony starts groaning as his cock starts wildly throwing out streams of slippery, ooey-gooey cum, all over Shane's hair, face neck and chest. Shane gets so hot during the cumshot, he can't help but to start splurging himself. After a few deep grunts the scene is concludes.

Everyone is super satisfied.


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