Anthony & Mathew Ryder

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Video Description: Anthony works in a porn DVD shipping room. Occasionally, when no one is around, he likes to take a little personal time and preview some of the videos. Well this time, while he's having a little fun with himself, his buddy Matt barges in.

Too Anthony's surprise, Matt offers him some help. Anthony has never been touched by a male before, but he did really want to bust a nut, so he decided to go for it. Matt eagerly sucks Anthony's cock into his mouth, working it ever so carefully. Anthony is quite verbal and tells Matt what to do like 'Suck those fuckin' balls' and 'Don't be gentle...I like it rough'.

Anthony jerks his cock and unloads onto himself, as Matt leans in and sucks the cum off of Anthony's sensitive cock. While Anthony is cleaning himself in the bathroom, Matt takes the opportunity to jerk himself off, and, with his wicked sense of humor, blows his huge load all over Anthony's desk. What a friend and what a show!



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