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Video Description: Scott Emerald brushes his teeth in the morning light as another weekend starts fresh and new. Sauntering in, still half asleep from the previous night's debauchery, Jake Jonas wraps his arms around Scott and kisses him on the back of the neck, slowly and playfully inviting Scott to prolong the start of his day just a little bit longer. Scott relents, and turning to Jake, slips off his shorts to expose his cock. Jake kisses down Scott's body and makes his way to Scott's cock, nibbling on the head and playing with it in his mouth, teasing Scott and tantalizing him simultaneously. Both guys fully naked in the bathroom, they move back to bed where Scott lay face down as Jake tongue's his asshole and prepares for entry. Going slowly at first, he eases his cock into Scott's waiting ass, as Scott clutches the sheets upon initial contact. Taking it easy, Jake slowly moves his hips back and forth as Scott jerks his cock. Turning Scott over, Jake continues to slowly and softly fuck Scott until he bursts all over Scott in a sticky morning mess, before the two of them pull the covers back over their heads and return to dreamy sleep, at least for a little while longer. Enjoy!


Next Door Twink

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