Billy, Douglas & Tommy D

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Starring Tommy D, Douglas, Billy
Video Description: Already buddies, Tommy & Douglas met up with Billy at the gym. They workout there all the time and have always shared tips with each other on training and excercising. So we decided to get the three of them together and thought they could trade some additional tips in the bedroom. This was a big deal for Tommy who has really been experimenting lately.

Douglas starts sucking while Billy and Tommy kiss. Then those two move into a 69 while Douglas watches for a minute, until he walks up to Tommy with his stiff dick and puts it into his mouth. The two young studs then move over the Douglas, and pleasure him from both angles. Billy lubes up his shaft and slips it into Douglas's ass while, while Tommy lays on the bed and receives a good suck down from Douglas. Tommy doesn't want to be left out of the action, so he trades places with Billy. Douglas helps the two cum by fingering their ass and jerking there dicks. The favor is returned by Tommy as he sucks on Douglas's nipples and pumps his finger in and out until Douglas bursts onto himself.

I'm sure this trio will have many more post workout meetings.

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