Brady Rey & Phoenix

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Starring Phoenix, Brady Rey
Video Description: I'm sure you've been waiting for this moment for a long time.

After many months of waiting anxiously for Phoenix to try some guy and guy action, the time has finally come; Phoenix gets his first ever blowjob from a male. The lucky man is Brady Rey, a young lifeguard from Southern California who could hardly wait to be able to taste Phoenix's long cock.

The two start the scene off by kicking back on the couch, just watching some TV. When Phoenix flips on a porn channel, Brady gets the idea that it's time to get off. The two strip down and get comfortable. As Phoenix is stroking his cock, Brady is watching, getting more turned on by the second. When Brady just can't take it any longer, he leans in and starts blowing Phoenix, who didn't seem to mind the warm, wet mouth at all. Phoenix accepts this oral servicing and enjoys the show.

When the horse-hung Brady gets Phoenix close to bursting, our tan buddy stands up and jerks himself to a creamy conclusion, spouting streams of jism all over Brady's chest. This gets Brady extremely hot, so he bursts almost immediately afterward, adding to the swamp of semen on his chest and abs.

It seems like everyone had a good time. We hope you did too!


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