Brandon Fox

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Video Description: Brandon Fox has stopped by NextDoorMale to show off his ultra-fat cock and hot body.
He's one of those really clean, trendy but down to earth guys that radiates confidence, but also comes off like someone who'd be a great, loyal friend.Brandon is always sporting the freshest styles, which makes sense for someone who works as the manager of a nice clothing store. He also keeps up on his tan, hitting up beaches all over the country to catch some great waves to surf.
For this hot scene, Brandon shows up to his place after work on a Friday, expecting his girlfriend Lacey to be there anxiously waiting for his arrival. All he finds is a note saying she'd be back later. How disappointing for Brandon. Since no one's around, there's only one thing left for a horny young guy to do; stroke himself to an intense orgasm. This, Brandon does, first stripping down and teasing himself in the living room, then finishing himself on his comfortable bed.
This guy has an insanely fat cock, which he loves to stroke. Brandon is a stud and we're glad we had the opportunity to present him to you...Maybe he'll be back for seconds.


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