Brandon Fox

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Video Description: Brandon Fox is one of those really clean, trendy but down to earth guys that radiates confidence, but also comes off like someone who'd be a great, loyal friend. Brandon is always sporting the freshest styles, which makes sense for someone who works as the manager of a nice clothing store. He also keeps up on his tan, hitting up beaches all over the country to catch some great waves to surf.This is his second appearance here on NextDoorMale.

For this scene, Brandon Fox first shows up in the kitchen as he gets himself a drink before slowly unzipping his pants for a quick cock-tease. After stroking his super-thick cut cock stiff, he pulls his drawers up and walks into the bathroom. As he's admiring himself in the mirror, he again takes his fat cock out of his pants and begins tugging on it. He then strips down to nothing and walks into the living room where he finishes himself off on the sofa, in a spectacular shooting orgasm.

Enjoy this ripped surfer stud!


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