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Video Description: Brenden is a new face here on NextDoorMale. At the age of 21, Brenden loves working out, and you can see this by looking at his buffed up body. Not only is he nice and worked out, he also has a big, thick uncut cock.

Currently Brenden is single and he loves it. He goes to the clubs during the weekends and gets himself laid with ease. During the week, he works as a cell-phone salesman at one of the local malls. As unexciting as that sounds, his job has been able to pay for a nice apartment, a nice car and keep him looking fly in all the new clothes that he wants. Personality wise, Brenden is very dominant...which we don't mind, and we're sure the ladies love it. He's very take charge and knows what he wants. Right now, he wants to cum, so we threw him in front of the camera and let him stroke himself until that thick cock of his shot off all over the place. He pleasures himself while pumping iron in the living room, while he gets a drink in the kitchen and dumps his load while kicking back on the bed; a definite stud.



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