Brent Biscayne & DJ

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Video Description: Vrrroooommm!!! DJ is having a KILLER time hangin' with his buddy Brent Biscayne. Who wouldn't though?? Brent is not only 6'6', he has a giant dick, a great smile, and rarely wears a shirt. All of these qualities are DJ appreciates. Today these guys are cruising around the ranch on a speedy little all-terrain 4-wheeler. DJ's been holding on tight from behind and has had a boner for the last hour. He hopes Brent has noticed, but doesn't wanna be too obvious about it.

Believe it or not, Brent has noticed the erection that's been rubbing on his ass. In fact, now Brent's dick is hard too and he's been thinking about DJ's cock in his mouth the whole time. Well DJ is more than happy to accommodate, as long as Brent is willing to fuck his tight ass too, right there on the 4-wheeler! It sure is easy to get dirty out here on the farm.



Next Door Buddies

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