Brett & Luke

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Video Description: One of our scouts found these two lovers sitting together, fooling around in the corner of club one night.

When we approached them, and stated what we where about, smiles came across both of their faces. They told us that they frequently film themselves when they're playing at their house.

Well, we got them onto our bed, and they immediately started undressing. Brett gobbles down Luke's cock. Bobbing his head up and down, stroking Luke's balls. Bret start lubing up his ass while he stroke his own dick. Luke goes in for the kill once he get himself slippery. Brett start shoving against his partners dick, shoving it deeper in to him.

Luke enjoys being on top so he lays Brett down onto the bed and positions himself between Brett's legs, and they start rubbing their dicks together, humping each other, moaning together. Luke then squirts into his hand and feeds it to his eagerly waiting lover. He then starts fucking Brett with a slimy dildo while he jerks himself to completion.


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