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Video Description: Meet Brett.
This beefy 19 year old is an assistant wrestling coach at a high school in Northern California. When he's not rolling around on the mat, he's working at an auto parts store in his hometown or out having fun with his friends.
Right now Brett is single, but he is always hooking up with girls at parties. He says he's very sexual and loves the feeling of skin rubbing against skin...especially the skin of his cock against some 18 year old high school cheerleader's pussy.
Today he's going to show you what he does when he has a hard on and time to kill. Brett starts off by grabbing a drink from the fridge. As he drinks, he leans up against the counter and starts rubbing himself. He fantasizes about the last time he was banging his ex as he slowly pulls out his hardening cock. This is just to tease himself though.
Next, Brett checks himself out in the bathroom mirror, modeling his wrestling uniform. As he flexes his muscles, he also rubs his cock through the thin spandex. The muscled stud pulls out his cock and gives it a few tugs before he decides to watch a movie on the couch. This movie of course is porn, which gets him in the mood to cum. Brett decides to jerk himself to completion on the couch, fisting his cock until it throws up onto his stomach.
With cum rolling down his abs, Brett is satisfied.


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