Brodie, Jessie Cox & Samuel

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Starring Samuel, Brodie, Jesse Cox
Video Description: Do you like three-ways? We do. And that's why we've filmed Brodie 'disciplining' Samuel and Jessie...with his cock.

We thought we'd have a little fun with this scene. Well, we always have fun, but we wanted to ad a twist. Brodie plays the role of the principal, while Samuel and Jessie play the roles of the naughty students.

As the authority figure, Brodie decides how to punish these troublemakers. He asks what type of punishment they think they deserve. With that, the two start making out and slowly undressing each other. Brodie finds this acceptable and begins to arouse himself as well.

When Jessie comes over to service Brodie's cock, he doesn't mind and lets the duo suck on it for at before having Samuel put a condom on his cock so he can slide it into his tight ass. As the two fuck, Jessie comes around the back and massages the stud's muscles while he's ridden.

They switch numerous times, and move around the office to different positions. This is one hot three-way with two cock hungry young guys and one straight guy looking to get his. Plenty of cocksucking, cum dumping and ass fucking.


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