Brodie & Stewart

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Video Description: The other day Stewart had some time alone before he and Brodie left for a nearby fair to meet up with some of their friends. With the short time alone that he knew he had, Stewart decided that he's try to stroke himself off. To his surprise, as he was fingering his ass, Brodie burst into the room. Brodie is obviously surprised, but Stewart wanted to make the best of it, so he offered Brodie a nice, tight ass to fuck. Brodie, having an open mind, said sure.

First Stewart blows Brodie, making his thick cock rock hard for a nice fuck. Once Brodie slips the condom on, Stewart puts his ass in the air, begging to be penetrated.The two get it on this way and that. Brodie pounds that ass and Stewart loves it.

When it's time to cum, both studs lay back and spew their loads all over themselves, bringing an end to a hot scene.



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