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Video Description: Cameron is a 20 year old construction worker, who says he doesn't function well without his daily work out, which consists of some jogging, and pumping iron.
When describing his ideal girlfriend, Cameron says he likes a girl with blonde hair, green eyes and a dusting of freckles. He said it's also important that she can party down and be comfortable giving him his space to enjoy time with his friends.
He goes on to tell us that he has no problem finding girls to 'kick it' with, but he's more interested in finding a genuine female to have a long-term relationship with now. I'm sure our stud Cameron will find his sweetie someday soon.Get ready to watch Cameron in three scenes. First, he stretches out in the living room and watches a little porn to get himself warmed up. Next, he takes a quick rinse off in the shower, getting a hard on in the process. And lastly, he relaxes in the bedroom after a hard days work, and jerks himself through a final scene that is quite impressive, to say the least.


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