Clark Kent & Samuel

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Video Description: Clark Kent enjoyed showing off to the whole world so much on NextDoorMale the other week, that he's now decided to go for it all and do everything. We promised him if he'd do some gay work, we'd feed him a hot girl or two for his troubles. He didn't even require any pussy, but since we're nice guys, we thought we'd hook him up.

If you didn't know, Clark Kent is a 20 year old from the East Coast who's just now opening up sexually and experiencing the world. He's been on NextDoorMale, and now he's on NextDoorBuddies, pushing his limits and having fun doing it.

We needed a good cocksucker to show Clark Kent just how good men give head. Samuel is always up for a stud's dick to be in his mouth, so we summoned him to the set and let them loose.

Samuel services the young stud outside on our deck while they both enjoy the sunny, Northern California weather. When it's over with, Samuel's covered in cum and Clark Kent has now agreed...Men suck better dick!



Next Door Buddies

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