Clark Kent

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Video Description: His name is Clark Kent...and yes, he IS a superman.
At the young age of only 20, Clark Kent has it all going for him. He's currently enrolled in his 2nd year at a distinguished East Coast university, working on his chemistry degree to become a pharmacist.When you see his body, you can tell there are many years of precise workout regimens, healthy eating and self discipline invested in his buff, manly figure.
Brand new to the porn thing, Clark Kent has decided to open up and let everyone see how sexy he really is. We sure are thankful he's chosen NextDoorStudios to make his debut with. There will be plenty hot scenes with this guy in them in the near future.
Will he stay straight? One never knows.
For the first part of this 3 sectioned scene(all 3 sections are in the one video), Clark Kent is on his way to the bathroom where he's going to admire his handsome self, undress and fondle himself, then doze off on the bathroom counter, still in the nude.
When he awakes, he decides to work out a bit, pumping up his muscles with a set of push-ups and sit-ups. He then enters the shower and rinses himself off.
Now that Clark Kent is mean and clean, he's ready to stroke himself into ecstasy out in the bedroom. After he literally jumps onto the bed, Clark Kent lays on his back, ready for his pleasurable explosion. When this stud-of-studs cums, he lets out deep grunts and moans. His cock shoots cum while he thrusts his hips toward an imagined pussy.
This guy is GREAT!


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