Clark Kent

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Video Description: It's a bird, it's a! It's Clark Kent from NextDoorMale...and he's looking twice as good as last time (and that's hard!). Check out this 20 year olds new haircut. He's super studly.

Clark Kent loves sex and sexual situations. He gets himself off at least twice a day and is always hanging around beautiful women than love his cock as much as we do.

Clark Kent was enjoying a nice day outside when he decided to pick up a nudie-mag and touch himself a bit. After stroking himself rock hard, he pulls his pants up halfway and walks into the house to continue his fun. He brings himself right to the edge of climax, and then puts his pecker away for a later release.

When he wants to shoot his load, Clark Kent makes his way to the bedroom, where he spreads himself out on the comfortable sheets and strokes himself to a creamy conclusion, shooting his love all over his rippling abs.

We love having Clark Kent around, and based on all the e-mails we have gotten requesting more from him, we're sure we'll be bringing him back in the future.

Enjoy this smokin' hot scene!


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