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Video Description: This is Clark. At the young age of 22, he's traveled to many places and seen many things. He enjoys all cultures and loves to study history. Right now, he's out of school, but has 3 years already completed that he plans to finish once he moves to the West Coast.
Today, we found Clark walking up the stairs while thumbing though a nudie magazine. Fortunately for us, Clark decided to take a seat on the stairs and get a bit more involved with his reading material. Meaning, he slowly strips out of his clothes while looking for the perfect page to tease himself too.
Later on, we catch Clark admiring his hard earned muscles in the bathroom mirror. As we watch, he starts to play with his growing member. He undresses to reveal his stiff cock, which he tugs and strokes with such care and finesse.When Clark feels the need to bring himself to climax, he moves to the bedroom, where he first grinds the pillow to get himself super stiff. He then rolls over and gets to the point of chasing down an orgasm. He easily gets himself off, moaning and thrusting his hips while his fat cock spurts out his cum, covering his ripped abs and perfect chest. You know he's satisfied. We here at NextDoorStudios hope you are too!


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