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Video Description: Clark is back and he's looking just as good as he did last time
This 22 year old ex-military stud has a lot to show off. He has his ripped chest, chiseled abs, beefy legs, and not to forget the prized package, his long, thick cock that loves a good stroking.
Clark was enjoying the fresh breeze out on the balcony the other morning when he though it'd be a fun time to play with himself. Since we were there and had the cameras ready to roll, we agreed it would be a great time for him to start stroking his cock. Clark teases himself a bit then moves into the house where it's a tad warmer
This handsome lad jumps in the shower to continue his pleasure session. He doesn't cum just yet though, as he likes to keep himself on the edge of orgasm for a bit too really make it feel good when he explodes.
Clark walks to the bedroom to finish himself off. He props himself up on the sofa, drops his towel, and jerks his throbbing cock until he's shaking with ecstasy. His balls launch stream after stream of his warm, milky jism all over his rippling abs. Clark is satisfied and we sincerely hope you are too!


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