Sex Before Dinner

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Video Description: Cody Cummings has found his way back to NextDoorHookups after a long absence... as he's been having fun on all of our other sites.

For this hot scene, he's hooking up with his girl Mia Lelani.

The two were getting ready for a lunch date with some friends when Mia decided to see why Cody was taking so long getting ready upstairs. As she got to the second floor, Cody casually walked out of the bathroom, wearing only a robe. Mia asked him if he was ready, and he answered by dropping the towel and revealing his 8.5 inch hard-on. Since Mia is no shy girl, she happily took his member into her mouth and sucks on it before Cody lays her back and sucks on her. The two then get their fuck on against the upstairs balcony railing. From there, they move to the floor where Cody pounds her pussy before pulling out and shooting his man-milk all over her large tits.

Now he's ready to go.



Cody Cummings

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