Intensive Sex On The Futon

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Video Description: We've been getting so many requests to see Cody sink his thick cock into some pussy that we had no other choice but to deliver.

Reena Sky eagerly volunteered to be the fuckdoll for this super-stud.

Reena had been taking a nap, when Cody showed up to the house after staying at work a bit later than normal. She had been waiting for him, but had fallen asleep. Now things are about to heat up.

Reena pulls Tyler onto her, taking his tongue deep into her mouth. The two frantically strips down, not wanting to wait any longer to experience each others bodies. Cody buries his mouth into her pussy, licking and sucking on her slit. Reena then pleases her man, orally fucking his massive pole.

After more heavy breathing and petting, Reena begs to be fucked, so Cody romantically flips her around and slides his cock into her teasingly slow.

He slams the small framed Reena Sky, taking her from many different angles until her tight pussy is just too much, making Cody cum like a bear all over her tits and stomach.

Very hot! Enjoy!


Cody Cummings

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