Cody gets his feet creamed

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Video Description: On the side of his porn career, Cody helps one of his uncles take care of his vineyard. When he found out that Taylor Aims has a background in construction, he called his buddy up and asked for his help.After Taylor's first day helping Cody was wrapped up, the two headed to the house to get some cold water.When the two settled down on the couch to veg out and watch some TV, Taylor decided to get ballsy and ask Cody if he could blow him.

After working in the hot sun, Cody didn't think that would be to fun for Taylor, but who is he to second guess someone who wants a cock in their mouths.

What do you think happened next? Well, Cody's stiff dick ends up in Taylors mouth, and to our surprise, Cody lets his friend cum on his feet. Now that's something new for him!



Cody Cummings

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