1 girl + 2 pals = awesome 3some

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Video Description: Cody Cummings is a very hip, modern guy, or as the French would say, 'a la mode.' And three-ways are becoming the cool new thing all over the globe. That's why he's invited his pals Christy Bender and Christian Wilde join him for a sexy romp by the fireplace.

Christy is no stranger to giving awesome blowjobs and she's making that very clear to Cody, right off the bat. She's so happy with the Italian Stallion's cock in her mouth, she barely takes time to help welcome Cody's fans! Christian notices how luscious Cody's dick looks and goes in for a taste as well. Then these two studs share Christy in true gentleman fashion, with a cock at either end.



Cody Cummings

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