Cody Cummings

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Video Description: Meet Cody Cummings.
All we have to say is WOW.This guy is the definition of stud. With a perfect body and just as nice of a cock, this guy has to be fighting hordes of women off every time he goes into public.
Cody has been working in banking for the last 3 years. He also goes to school at night. He tells us he's single and takes his job, education and health seriously, so he doesn't put much time into partying and getting into trouble. Good choice!For this scene, Cody starts off by admiring his body in the mirror. Slowly making himself hard, he really enjoys what he's worked so hard to achieve; a near Herculean body.
Stroking himself still, he moves into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of red wine, the perfect compliment to a beautiful day that is starting to wind down. Cody strokes himself as he looks out the large windows, soaking in the beauty of nature as he feels the pleasing sensations of his lubed hand massaging his throbbing cock.
When this handsome creation decides that it's time to finish up, he plants his naked ass onto one of the living room chairs and goes at it, bringing himself to ecstasy quickly, his hips pumping as he spews out a warm, thick stream of man milk, covering his hand and stomach.


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