Outdoors Self Satisfaction

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Video Description: Guess what? Cody's back! Bet you didn't think that was going to happen! Okay, maybe you did, but he hasn't done a scene like this.

Cody's been working hard lately, so we told him he can just kick back and stroke his fat cock for this week's update.

Cody begins by thumbing through the newspaper, catching up on his team's scores as he sips on some coffee. After reading what he wanted, Cody strips his shirt off and begins rubbing lotion into his hot upper body. While touching himself, his cock twitches a bit and asks to be rubbed on too. Cody never turns down his cock, so he begins teasing his large member. Not wanting to make a mess where he's at, Cody walks over to the hot tub where he gets completely naked and goes for a dip. He also continues his masturbation, but not to the point to completion, as he doesn't want to ruin to tub for his buddies.

When Cody does decide to cum, he's situates himself on some cushions under the living room window. Stroking his cock for the homerun, he moans, groans, and launches his creamy man milk out of his hot sausage.



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Cody Cummings

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