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Categories Solo, Twink, Slim
Video Description: Cody is a young buck from the sunny sidewalks of Southern California. I don't mean he's homeless, I mean he's a skateboarder...and they skate on sidewalks...get it?
Anyway, Cody is a 20 year old guy who makes a living working at a local extreme sports store, and shoots the occasional boarding video for his personal (non porn)website.
Cory is very friendly and outgoing. As you can see from his pictures, he likes to laugh and have a good time. And a good time he has indeed.
Cory loves his porn, and for his scene, he brought his 'all time favorite' movie. You got to love a guy who brings his own porn. So he sets up the DVD player, gets the volume just right, then he gets comfortable on the couch, kicks back, and starts stroking. Well, first he teases and rubs himself, then he strokes, but he makes it hot. Once he's had enough of the porn, he wants to check himself out in the mirror. As this young man checks himself out, you can notice he starts getting hard. He decides to jerk off. We thought that was a good decision. When his balls are finally unable to hold anymore, Cory takes a little nap on the bed. When he wakes up with a raging hard on, there's only one thing left to do...shoot a load of cum all over the place. He gladly does, pumping his cock until every last drop has been milked out of his shaft, onto his tight stomach. Enjoy!


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