Cory & Kevin

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Video Description: Kevin is a straight guy that, for the right amount, is down to get freaky with another guy. Cory, on the other hand, loves getting it on with hot studs, but does appreciate the financial kick down.

These two were staying at the same place last weekend. Kevin woke up first and strolled to the kitchen to get a swig of water. As he was enjoying the sun radiating through a nearby window, he was greeted by a hand that reached around his waste and started rubbing on his cock. Cory must be awake, he thought. He was right, and this is where the action begins.

While the two undress each other, they rub their cocks together, before Cory sits Kevin on the counter top and takes his fat cock into his mouth for a good suckdown. Kevin switches positions and sucks on Cory before the two move to the couch and get into a hot 69. This goes on for sometime before they take their games to the bed and Kevin fingers Cory's ass before shoving his cock into it.

They fuck in many positions before Kevin pulls out and strokes himself off all over Cory's chest. Cory shoots his load right after this, adding to the spunk pool on his upper body. A smokin' hot scene!



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