Cory & Phoenix

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Video Description: That Italian hunk Phoenix is back again and he's brought his buddy Cory with him.The two were vacationing at a mountain retreat the other week when Phoenix went out to pick up some BBQ products. On his way back, he noticed Cory was on the side of the road thumbing a ride back to the cabin. Phoenix was going to be naughty and drive right by his friend, but then decided to be EVEN MORE naughty and pick him up, but charge him for the ride with a blowjob. Since Cory doesn't mind sucking a big cock, he was game.

When the two pulled into the driveway, Phoenix pulls out his already hardening cock and asks to be sucked. Cory leans over and starts bobbing on the stud's member.

Phoenix loves fooling around in cars, but wants to enjoy the fresh air of the wooded wonderland, so the two get out of the vehicle and Phoenix sprawls out on a large rock, while Cory continues to suck on him.

After the outdoor fun, the two move into the house where Cory sucks Phoenix to completion before he jerks himself off all over the tile floor.



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