Creamy Outdoor Solo

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Video Description: Tommy decided to throw a solo at you for this weeks update. But it's more than just a solo...It's an outdoor solo. That's right.

Our camera guy got a call from Tommy instructing him to come over for a surprise. He made sure to say have the camera rolling when you walk inside.

So our guy shows up, but Tommy's no where to be found in the house. He then notices the back door's open. What a surprise! Tommy's out on the deck, playing with himself.

Tommy wanted to soak up the days' last rays, but he didn't want to go inside until he had a little fun. We caught him before he took his clothes off, so we see him undress and start jerking off before he notices our guy. It's funny, Tommy didn't think he'd get there that fast.

So have fun with Tommy as he lets the breeze blow on his balls and what him shoot a load onto himself, all the while hoping the neighbors don't hear all the fun.



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Tommy D XXX

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