Brady Rey & Criss

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Video Description: We have two super hung young men for you to watch today.

Welcome the tall, muscled Criss Strokes and the lean swimmer bodied Brady Rey.

Criss is straight and has been doing a little gay-for-pay to make life that much easier. Brady, on the other hand, loves to milk giant cocks until they're shooting their load all over his face and in his mouth.

This scene has Criss and Brady kickin' it on the couch, watching some hot porn Criss said he had just picked up. It's not long before the two strip down to free themselves of all those pesky clothes. Once hard and stroking, Criss decides he wants to feel a warm, wet mouth sucking his cock, so he invites Brady's eagerly awaiting mouth over to his cock ...which of course he does.

Criss gets sucked this way and that way, sitting down and standing up. When he's ready to get his nut off, he lays Brady's head down so he can get the majority of his cum onto his face. Brady loves it when a guy cums on him, so of course he climaxes right after Criss, flinging his man-milk out of his own dick while the cum still drips down his face from Criss's cock.



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