Criss & Samuel

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Video Description: The tall, muscled 21 year old Criss Strokes and the handsome, dark haired 19 year old Samuel are here to put on a hot show.

Lately, Criss has been bitching about the cost of his new car, so we thought we'd help by offering a way to make an extra buck this month. Of course it's kinky and perverted, but that's what we're good at.Actually, it wasn't anything too extreme at all. We wanted to see Samuel work Criss's massive pole with his mouth, then stuff the huge thing up his ass and ride it.

Thankfully, things worked out just the way we wanted them too. Both of them start off by stripping down and stroking themselves hard to some DVD porn. Once thoroughly turned on, Samuel leans over slurps down Criss's stiff dick, making sure to rub his balls as well.

After a giving a great blow job, Samuel wants to slide that big thing into his hole. He takes a seat on Criss's lap, allowing his giant cock to burry itself into his ass before sliding up and down on the log sized member.

These two fuck this way and that, and when it's over, Samuel is wearing two men's cum; his own, and the studly Criss Strokes's, who happily drenched the submissive Samuel.


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