Criss & Sebastian

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Video Description: This week, we bring to you another straight stud from That hot young guy would be the ultra-hung Criss Strokes.

His last scene he was paired with the sexual goddess Maile. He got to stuff both of her holes with his 10+ inch cock.

Today, Criss is really horny. It's been a few days since he's had some pussy on his dick, but he really wants to get a nut off. What's a boy to do?

Meet up with Sebastian and tell him to suck your dick, that's what we say...and that's exactly what Criss does.

Sebastian was minding his own business, reading a men's magazine, when Criss shows up and demands a blowjob. Sebastian prefers women, but doesn't mind helping a buddy out, especially this chiseled bodied, horse-hung young man.

Sebastian services his friend well. The two move from the chair to a massage table, where they have a bit more room to get into it.

After a good suck down, Criss wants to finish himself off, and Sebastian wants to watch anyway, so the two plant their firm asses on the table and stroke themselves into cum-flinging orgasms. Leaving both of them drained, the two decided to take a midday nap.



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