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Video Description: All of the guys on Next Door Male have something to offer.
Occasionally a guy comes along that has everything; he has the muscles, the looks, the cock and a charming attitude.
Criss Strokes, our Next Door Male for this week, is one of those guys.At 6'-3', 188 pounds, and packing a 9 and 3/4inch donkey-cock, this stud HAS something to offer.
We just hooked him up with Ruby over at Next Door Hookups, so he was ready to dish out an awesome solo for us.
Criss starts out on the couch, wearing a nice shirt and some kakis. This guy has class.
As he watches the porn, he rubs himself through his pants, awaking his mammoth for some fun. Once warmed up, Criss strips off his clothes and sits down in the nude, his lengthy package swaying back and forth as his naked ass touches the couch.
When Criss moves into the shower, he soaps himself up, cleaning his already lickable body. Criss says hygiene is a big thing to him...Good to hear!Criss doesn't cum in the shower, but moves out to the bed to unload his balls.
But first, he takes a little time to hump the bed, something he says he has been doing since he was 12.
When he blows, Criss starts moaning as his cock surges with each expulsion of his slippery, warm seed.


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