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Video Description: This is David, a 19 year old college wrestler from the North West.
This muscled, horse-hung college jock is here to show off his baseball bat sized cock, make a buck and get a nut off.We found David waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up out side of the gym one night. We overheard his phone conversation with his girl before she showed up. He was telling her how, when they got home, he was going to make hot love to her on the couch. Once the kinky conversation was done, we then proceeded to give him a business card to check out our sites. A week later, he applied, showing interest in doing some work.
So here he is, David. He comes into the kitchen to get a bite to eat, but first he's going to rub his cock until it's hard, just to tease himself. A bit later, he comes back inside and throws in a porn , makes himself comfortable on the couch, and begins to strokes his mammoth meat again. David likes to bring himself to the edge, and then back off for a bit. He says it makes his loads much bigger and more satisfying. When he's ready to emptying his ball, he jumps on the bed, humps it for a quick minute, then turns over and furiously beats his cock until he's moaning and his member is surging, squirting cum onto his powerful upper body.
When this stud is empty, he rolls over and falls asleep.


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