Dead End Redemption

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Video Description: Forsaken. Tossed out in the cold. Lost. Lonely. Seeking. These describe young Shane Hicks. Here he has come to the end of an alleyway, a dead end. After leaving his home to get away from his strict parents, who had been screaming at him all day to 'get a fucking job!' and 'grow up, loser!' he's here alone, with nowhere to go. All he wants is a friend.

Riddick Stone, a local man who owns a gym around the corner happen to be passing by the dirty back alley and caught sight of poor Shane, shivering and looking glum. Riddick approaches Shane, slowly. He doesn't want to frighten the vulnerable young lad. Riddick is met with a wry grin from Shane. He can tell by the look in Shane's eye that he's lost and scared. But he wants dick, bad. Riddick doesn't mince words. He wants to help but doesn't want to be caught in public feeding his fat cock to this boy on the street. Shane pulls out Riddick's robust dong and devours it. The pulsating erection in his mouth makes him forget his troubles at home. Soon they're both naked in the alleyway. After sucking him, Shane then has a taste of Riddick's ass.

A dingy old mattress provides a little comfort for them both as Shane sits on top of Riddick and takes his dick for a wild ride. See this muscle-bound good Samaritan do a number on this sweet, lost, scared Twink boy.



Next Door Twink

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