Denny & Phoenix

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Starring Denny, Phoenix
Video Description: The other day, we received a call from Phoenix, our Italian stallion who loves to show off his goods. He was in quite the situation.

Apparently, the weekend before, he and some friend were at a house party, when a brawl broke out. The cops showed up and took them all to jail. Phoenix said he and his friends weren't even part of it; just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Phoenix is fine, but is in desperate need of some cash because he now owes his parents over a grand in bail money. Ouch!Well, we're not one to take advantage of our friends, but Denny had the bright idea of having Phoenix work off what we had loaned him. So we asked him, he agreed, and here we have it. Phoenix working off his debt along side Denny, who just likes to be naked and beat off...who could blame him!

Kick back, lube up and watch these two as they stroke, joke and blow their loads on our coffee table.


Next Door Buddies

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