Denny & Riley Shy

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Starring Denny, Riley
Video Description: While Denny and Riley were hanging out on the couch one of these recent days, Denny asked Riley if he is a good cock sucker. Riley replies, stating that he's never had any complaints.

The next thing out of Denny's mouth is the request for some of that good head from his buddy. Riley doesn't waste any time to get that straight boys cock into his mouth. Riley services the cock until Denny can't take it any longer, expelling his load all over Riley's chest. But this isn't the end....

It's time for the straight boy to suck some cock, so Riley face fucks the studly Denny until the feeling of that wet, warm man-mouth just sucks the cum right out of him, inducing an orgasm which results in him dumping his jism onto Denny's ripped pecks.


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