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Categories Amateur, Solo, Fraternity, Twink
Video Description: Doug is a 24 year old semi-pro hockey player who says he can't live without his daily doses of working out, running, and playing hockey.
We asked him to describe his ideal girlfriend. He says he's interested in a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and is both athletic and smart. He said it's also important that she can party and be comfortable giving him his space to enjoy his interests which consume a lot of his time. He went on to tell us that he has no problem finding girls to 'hang-out' with, but he's really interested in finding one to have a longer-term relationship with now. Don't worry, Doug, she's out there.
Watch Doug in three scenes. First, he stretches out in the living room and watches a little porn to get him going.
Next, he enjoys himself after peeling off his pajamas in the kitchen.
And lastly, he relaxes in the bedroom after a hard day and works himself up to a final scene that is quite impressive.


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