Chuck & Douglas

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Video Description: Chucks got a package for Douglas!

Chuck was on his daily route through the building delivering mail, but he has been getting the eye from our secretary Douglas the last few weeks. So we made a bet with Douglas that he couldn't get into Chucks pants. So when Chuck showed up for his daily delivery he had no idea that Douglas was going to be accepting another package from Chuck, but it's a good thing we had the camera's set up and captured every second of it.

Douglas is one of the best cock suckers around and wasted no time getting Chucks 'package' into his mouth and going to work on his unsuspecting victim of the week. In fact Douglas sucks such a mean dick that Chuck erupted in Douglas mouth without being able to pull out, but this didn't stop Douglas from drinking down Chucks load with a smile on his face the whole time.



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Next Door Buddies

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