Dream Man

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Video Description: Derek Reynolds just got his signed pictures returned in the mail from Matt Rush, a guy he's had a celebrity crush on for a while now. Looking at the signed pictures as he relaxes on the sofa, Derek retreats into his reveries and slowly falls into slumber. While dreaming, he pictures Matt in his mind, and all the things he would do to him: first, maybe rubbing his body from foot to chest. Or maybe taking Matt's cock into his mouth and plunging it deep into the back of his throat. Or maybe bending over and letting Matt have his way with Derek's waiting ass, reaching back to pull him in closer as Matt pounds away from behind before cumming all over Derek's chest in a milky white deluge of spunk. When Derek wakes up, he does so only to discover he is really covered in cum. Which makes him think, “Was it all a dream after all?”


Next Door Ebony

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