Dylan MccLovin

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Starring Dylan McLovin
Video Description: This hot 18 year old is Dylan MccLovin. He's a waiter and studying to become a personal trainer. He has a GREAT body, and a huge cock. He's motivated to get his life on the right track and to be healthy. Dylan has a great personality and best of all, he's single.


Facts1.Occupation: Waiter2.Sexual orientation: Straight3.Favorite position: Anal4.Astrological sign: Leo5.Age you lost your Virginity: 166.Biggest Turn on: Ass7.Biggest Turn off: Out of shape8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba9.Favorite food: Protein shakes10.Best physical feature: Whole package

Stats1.Age: 182.Cock Length: 9'3.Cock Girth: 5'4.Cut or Uncut: Cut5.Hometown: Northern CA6.Height: 5'10''7.Weight: 1708.Shoe Size: 119.Waist size: 3410.Eye color: Blue/Green

Stroke That Dick

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