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Video Description: Eddie is a 19 year old slim, but ripped young man who knew a friend that has done some work for us. He said that he's always wanted to be in front of the camera, so asking his friend to hook him up with our number was the natural choice.
When he's not working at a trendy clothing outlet store, he's out cruising the hot clubs with his friends or attending night school to get his nursing certificate. Living in New York City gives him plenty of things to do, and plenty of trouble to get into...if he so chooses, but Eddie classifies himself as a good guy.
Today, Eddie has shown up with a hot new magazine he's been dying to check out. We gave him a comfortable couch and told him to have fun. Eddie starts stroking himself as he flips through the shiny pages, looking over the scantly clad young models. After having his bit of fun for the moment, Eddie moves to a chair in the living room to finish himself off, which he does in a loud, very satisfying manner.
This clean-cut guy looks really good on camera, and delivers a performance that got him an invite to do some more scenes for other NextDoorStudios sites. Hopefully he comes through.


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