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Video Description: Evan is literally the guy next door.
He lives three doors down from one of our new model scouts. They got to talking the other day and the topic of the web site came up. He thought it would be cool to give it a shot, and so did we.
Evan is a 27 year old accountant in Seattle. He spends most of his time at the office or at home with his two golden retrievers. He says he likes to relax on the weekends at home, but that Friday and Saturday nights he's out at the clubs and bars with his buddies drinking up a storm. He's in-between girlfriends right now, but we have a feeling he won't be alone for long.
Watch Evan in three scenes. First in the living room. Then in the bathroom where he enjoys spending some quality time with himself. And finally in the bedroom where he releases all the tension that built up in the office over the week.


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